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HolmeZ – Newsreader

  • access to more than 100,000 newsgroups
  • convenient search feature
  • integrated download wizard
  • free-of-charge
  • available for all popular operating systems
  • malware-free


Operating Systems

HolmeZ is only available for Windows and Android.


Available languages are English and German.


Via 256bit SSL encryption all your data transfers are safe und encrypted.

Download help

Download wizard with repair and automatic unpacking feature plus archive management with PAR2 support.

Special Features

File preview for images and videos, comments and rating system, and newsgroup favorites management.


How to set up a profile in HolmeZ Usenet NZB newsreader
How to download with your HolmeZ Usenet NZB newsreader
How to search files with HolmeZ Usenet NZB newsreader


Download the HolmeZ Usenet Newsreader Client for Windows and Android

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Download for WindowsDownload for Android

Searching and downloading from Usenet has never been so easy – HolmeZ makes it possible.

About Us

Develop the best newsreader the Usenet world has ever seen!

Sherlock HolmeZ and John Watson had a mission …

… finding the best way for downloading as easy and uncomplicated as possible.

They started searching and discovered filehosting. There you could use all of the band width of your connection for downloads, but you had up to four hours waiting time – that’s not optimal, is it?! So they continued their search and they found the torrents. There was no waiting time, but the download speed was limited – that’s also not optimal, is it?! On the search for an opportunity of using the advantages of both services, they found the Usenet!

No more waiting times and full speed downloads – that’s optimal!

Usenet is the biggest discussing forum for free exchange of ideas and datas with more than 6,000 TB content. Further advantages are complete anonymity, SSL encrypted data and non logged downloads. And completely ad-free. However Sherlock and John were unsatisfied with the available newsreaders on the market. They were complicated to configure and had unreliable working search indexes. That’s why they gave us the job:
Sherlock HolmeZ and John Watson had a mission …

Develop the best newsreader the Usenet world has ever seen!

No waiting times, but full highspeed NZB downloads!

And we did it!

  • We make sure that the new HolmeZ software is 100% compatible with all Usenet provider to reach the whole Usenet community.
  • We give users, which use different providers, the opportunity to switch between more accounts fast and easy.
  • We implemented two of the best search indexes: NZBIndex and Atimto Search Index. That’s why we guarantee ideal filtered search for files, filegroups and images.
  • We enable to create your favorite newsgroups for better search results.

That’s the reason why we accomplished Sherlocks job for finding a way for easy, anonymous and preferably fast downloads.

The newsreader is due to that named after our constituent: HolmeZ.




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